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Our Impact:


Source products directly from manufacturers

Using economies of scale we are able to
source products at the best prices to then sell on to food vendors at more affordable prices.

More than 40% of low income house holds consume street food and a study done in Nairobi’s low income neighbourhoods found food vendors sold 79% carbohydrate-based products – a disproportionate percentage when compared to other food groups.

By supplying affordable pre-boiled pulses we make it
easy for street vendors to avail plan protein foods to their customers.


Break bulk

We buy products in large bulk packaging and break them into smaller sizes for
easier use by food vendors.
This ensures our margins are higher and our customers can afford smaller quantities.


Tech efficiency & Last mile distribution

Our customers can place orders via an app, which allows us to predict and plan for demand. All our backend processes are fully automated.
Because we deliver to our customers we are able to save them time and also money.


Access to Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) & Low Price

Our customers are able to access goods and pay us later.
We make food affordable- We source products directly manufacturers.
Using economies of scale we are able to deliver products to food vendors at affordable prices.