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Our Impact:



We increase the availability and affordability of plant protein to low income
earners via street food vendors.

More than 40% of low income house holds consume street food and a study done in Nairobi’s low income neighbourhoods found food vendors sold 79% carbohydrate-based products – a disproportionate percentage when compared to other food groups.

By supplying affordable pre-boiled pulses we make it
easy for street vendors to avail plan protein foods to their customers.


Market Access for Farmers

Access and post-harvest losses- By sourcing directly from
farmers we give farmers direct access to the market. We also reduce post harvest losses


Environmentally Friendly

We use green energy to pre-prepare and supply affordable
pulses and in addition, we reduce food waste by converting food waste to energy.



By delivering part prepared pulses/ cereals to street vendors, we reduce their
exposure to wood and charcoal smoke by 70%. Smoke related ailments kill more Kenyans than Malaria.

The government of Kenya recently banned the use of charcoal and wood
without providing an alternative affordable energy.

As a result charcoal has become very expensive making food more expensive. We are saving street food vendors money, time in addition to keeping the cost of food down when we supply efficiently pre-prepared pulses.