Who we are

Kwanza Tukule means, First, Let’s Eat in Swahili.

Kwanza Tukule is a B2B company that is using a mobile-based, cashless, platform to provide access
to affordable food products to small and medium-size vendors in African urban markets.

    • Kwanza Tukule was founded by Khadija Mohamed in 2019. After living and working in London, as a banker and IT consultant, for over 11 years, Khadija decided to move back home to Kenya in 2017.
    •  Khadija took a sabbatical during which she volunteered with different non-governmental organisations working in low-income areas in Nairobi.
    • It is during this period that Khadija came face to face with challenges of low income areas and access
      to affordable food.


In 2018 Khadija ran a pilot test for Kwanza Tukule business model and in 2019 Kwanza Tukule was
registered and started operating in low income areas of Nairobi.


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Our Corporate Philosophies

Mission Statement