Who we are

Kwanza Tukule means, First, Let’s Eat in Swahili. We are cashless, social B2B
business that’s using technology, efficient supply chain and green energy to ensure
nutritious food is accessible and affordable for the many.
  • We exist to make a positive difference in the livelihoods of our people,
    socially and economically.
  •  We do this by specifically focusing on revolutionising the complete end to end food vendors supply chain as it is a critical food access point for the many informal sector workers and people living in the slums in Kenya -who make up over 50% of the Kenyan working population.
  • We use cost effective, sustainable, scalable and environmentally friendly business model.
  •  We believe nutritious affordable food for the many is not only possible but also viable and profitable.


We are doing this by revolutionizing the food vendor business model by
providing them with one stop shop platform for all their needs. Food vendors
contribute significantly to local diets, especially among the urban poor, since they are convenient, cheap and easily accessible.


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Our Corporate Philosophies

Mission Statement