Kwanza Tukule provides food supply services that transform livelihoods give relief and expand opportunities.



Kwanza tukule benefits vendors which trickles down to consumer.


There is no physical money handled in the chain.


Kwanza tukule uses technology to automate the chain.
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    Street food stalls and vendors are a critical access point for food for most Kenyans as they feed most of Kenya’s informal sector workers (which makes up 84% of the Kenyan working population.)
    The selling of both raw and prepared foodstuffs in public spaces, as well as in home-based retailing environments, is an important source of livelihood, especially for women.
    Kwanza Tukule is enabling easy, reliable, consistent and affordable supply of pre-prepared staple foods to street food vendors, feeding the community with affordable, healthy, nutritious foods, prepared under the utmost standards of hygiene and sanitation, using sustainable sources of renewable energy.


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